Rapid Response encompasses strategies and activities for the state or designated entity to respond as quickly as possible following an announcement of a permanent closure, mass layoff, or natural or other disaster which results in mass job loss.  This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the Rapid Response program and may be valuable to practitioners or others interested in learning about Rapid Response.

Through Rapid Response, the state or designated entity delivers services to enable dislocated workers to transition to new employment as quickly as possible.

The purpose of Rapid Response is to promote economic recovery and vitality by developing an ongoing, comprehensive approach to identifying, planning for, or responding to layoffs and dislocations, and preventing or minimizing their impacts on workers, businesses, and communities.

We hope this fact sheet is useful to practitioners, partners, and others who wish to learn more about the value that Rapid Response can deliver to businesses, workers, and communities. This document has been posted in Word format to allow you to edit or add your logo if you wish.