The mission of your Business Service Team is building and fostering relationships with employers in your local area. Business representatives have several ways to engage employers, including assistance with recruitment, retention, and reskilling the existing workforce.  Now, a new program adds another “R” to the mix: recognition.


Established by The Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans Act (HIRE Vets Act) of 2017, the HIRE Vets Medallion Award Program recognizes employers who recruit, employ, and retain veterans.


Open to employers of all sizes – from large (500-plus employees), medium (51-499 employees), to small employers (50 or fewer employees) – the program is an excellent way to expand your reach into the local business community by recognizing employers committed to veteran hiring, retention, and development.


American Job Center (AJC) staff can encourage employers to apply for the award through April 30, 2019. Evaluation criteria includes the percentage of new hires during the previous year who are veterans, the percentage of hired veterans retained at least 12 months, or the overall percentage of the company’s existing workforce who are veterans. Employers are also recognized for having a veteran organization or resource group that provides coaching and mentoring, programs to enhance the leadership skills of veteran employees, or tuition assistance for education.


The HIRE Vets Medallion Award has two levels, platinum and gold, within each employer-size category. The gold award is presented to companies meeting all of the criteria mentioned above. The platinum award is reserved for companies who meet all the criteria of the gold award, and:


  • Employ a dedicated human resources professional;
  • Create initiatives to support hiring, training, and retention of veteran employees; and
  • Provide compensation to employees on active duty in the National Guard or Reserve commensurate with the employee’s salary prior to going on active duty.


Submitting employers that meet the criteria will be notified by October 11, 2019. Your Business Services Team can then recognize award recipients in coordination with other local Veterans Day events, and recipients will receive a certificate and digital images of the medallion to use as part their promotional efforts.


This program is a great opportunity for your Business Services Team to reach out to local employers who understand the role veterans play as vital members of your regional workforce. The HIRE Vets Medallion Award is a signal to the community that the employer is committed to hiring veterans and promoting these employers may also inspire other companies to implement programs for veterans.


There is an application fee for businesses who want to be considered for the award: $90 for small-size employers, $190 for medium-size employers, and $495 for large-size employers.


For more information or to apply, visit or contact Guidance on the HIRE Vets Medallion Award Program (TEGL 9-18) can be found here