One of the more tricky terms we use in the workforce development world is “business engagement.” Business engagement is tricky in several ways: it is largely undefined, there are many different interpretations of what it is and what it entails, who should participate, how it can be funded, how to measure success, and much more.


We are hoping to address these and other topics on this Business Engagement Collaborative through blogs, resources, discussions, and more.  Because this topic is often new or complex, we hope that this will be more of a discussion, a peer sharing opportunity. So we ask that you participate in discussions, post your comments and thoughts on the blog posts, share materials or other resources that you may have.  And send us your suggestions if there are topics you are interested in learning more about, or questions that you hope to have answered.


And we are always looking for folks who want to tell their business engagement story as a guest blogger—if you have an interest, please email Jeff Ryan at


This community can only be effective if we all participate, so please join in the discussion. Please suggest topics for discussion in the Comments section below!